31 December 2010

the allowance that we are waiting for a long time... (the title sounds longer than how it actually is)

Today is 31st December and we still don’t get our practicum’s allowance.

SORRY WEI!!! Hehehe. I did tell you guys that we would get the allowance in this December, because that was what the accountant told me. You know, I don’t do the accountancy works, the info was given by the lady. Easy to say, I am the middle person between C4 and the accountant. The chronology was like this:
1::: I met her
2::: She told me the info
3::: Then I brought the info tut tut tut tuuuuuut to you guys,
4::: And you guys received it.
That’s all, please don’t blame me or keep asking me questions that only the accountant knows. Hehehehe.

But anyway, sorry coz the info wasn’t true. Even I myself don’t know that that wasn’t confirm yet. ‘keep hoping’. And see you soon. Huhuhuhu.

22 December 2010

Facebook 'Like' Button (Please say it with Scottish accent)

I've just added Facebook 'Like' button and removed the 'Verdicts' section for each blog post. Yay!

18 December 2010

The Secret of Immortality

Finally, I've found the true secret of immortality. Bollocks to Twilight, Vampire Diaries and other vampire crap! True Blood is pretty awesome though (because of the generous exposure of mammary glands). Anyway, hey, did you notice the address of this blog is virusofimmortality? I know, it's a bit too long and it reeks of teen angst, but currently I feel like not giving fuck about changing my address anytime soon.

Turritopsis nutricula is a species of IMMORTAL jelly fish. In addition to that, it is probably the fucking one and only immortal creature in the whole fucking world! (refer to previous post for 'fuck' usage)

Hey I'm gonna live forever and laugh at your short lifespan. :D
Turritopsis nutricula is immortal in the way that it can revert to its polyp stage after becoming sexually mature. Thus effectively bypassing death because they don't get old! (Provided they don't get themselves squished by anything in the ocean)

To explain this in analogy of human beings, it may refer to a whore who can revert from menopause and have massive sex with strangers and basement dwellers and virgins again! Okay, not really. It simply means, if we have the ability similar to this jellyfish, we can reverse our life cycle; being young again effortlessly!

This special case of immortality is possible to jellyfish because they have this cell development process called transdifferentiation, which is not available among us, pathetic humans. In short, transdifferentiation occurs when jellyfish alters the differentiated state its cells and transforms it into new cells.

If this is possible in human beings which is absolutely impossible, it will end the endless search for the long rumored Fountain of Youth! There will be no more case of people getting caught for statutory rapeAge of consent will be just another bullshit. There will be no more cases of adults engaging sex with minors BECAUSE EVERYONE IS MINORS. Oh shite.

Holyshit, that's messed up, don't you think?


14 December 2010

Denouement : What to expect?

According to a senior,

  • Professional Development, Dr. Goh (if she'll be teaching you) will ask you to organise a seminar/workshop/retreat etc and this one requires a lot of effort. Everyone has to play their part. But don't worry, she'll make it easy for you...
  • Literature for Children and Young Adults, (if Mdm Janet is taking up your class), consider flipping through our Big Book at the shelf in SAC (I hope it's still there). I bet you'll be doing that too.
  • Current Issues in Education means you'll be doing discussions, presentation and critical review plus Mr. George provocations and jokes!
  • Mdm Patsy taught us Women in Literature and we have a text (compliation of short stories and drama) for that which might change but it is a simple one. You'll like it. I remember the lesson was mostly presentations and discussions.
  • Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) required us to create a website or courseware (I bet you must be very good in that) and create a LP with CALL. Mdm Jenny Pang took over our class.
  • And this semesters is where your AE counts.
Ps. Now do me a favour, click 'super like' and more tips will come soon. Haha

09 December 2010

Top Spelling Mistakes

Watch out for homophones. These are words which sound the same, but are spelled differently: commonly confused on wikiHow are:
  • allowed/aloud - allowed means permitted, whereas aloud has the same meaning as out loud
  • bored/board - bored means to have lost interest; a board is a flat piece of wood
  • break/brake - break means to damage, but brake is what you do to slow down a car or a bicycle
  • new/knew - new is the opposite of old whereas knew is the past tense of to know
  • piece/peace - a piece is a part of something (it even has the word pie as its first three letters!); peace on the other hand means absence of noise or hostility
  • sure/shore - sure means certain, but shore means the beach or coastline
  • site/sight - site is the correct spelling when you mean the place where something sits - like a website! Sight on the other hand means something you can see.
  • stairs/stares - stairs are steps; stares is a verb meaning to gaze intently
  • steel/steal - steel is a metal, whereas steal means to take something that does not belong to you
  • they're/their/there They're is a shorter way to say they are. Their is possessive - it's their fault. There is a place - over there.
  • through/threw - through is a direction (as in straight through the door), but threw is the past tense of throw
  • to/too/two - Two naughty boys who went too far went to jail.
  • whether/weather - whether indicates a choice - whether or not, whereas weather means sun. rain, snow etc.
  • which/witch - Which witch is the wicked witch? (apologies to all wiccans!)
  • whole/hole - whole means complete whereas hole means a gap or space where something is missing
  • right/write - right means correct or the opposite of left, but write means to compose (words or music)
  • your/you're - your is a possessive pronoun, and you're is a contraction, as in saying "You're really good at writing articles."
Use apostrophes correctly:
  • it's and its cause problems for many people. it's means it is whereas its is the possessive form. Possessive pronouns his, hers and its are the only possessive forms which do NOT have an apostrophe - hence the confusion. The dog wagged its tail.
  • Other than that, use an apostrophe where one or two letters have been missed out when a word has been contracted - eg. where is becomes where's. Plurals do NOT need an apostrophe.
  • Plural possessives have the apostrophes after the s. The dogs' tails wagged in excitement.
Be aware of noun and verb differences in words like:
  • advice/advise advice is the noun whereas advise is the verb
  • practice/practice practice is the noun and practice is the verb (in British English)
  • affect/effect - affect is a verb , effect is a noun. So you talk about the effect of something, but affecting someone. Another easy way to remember this is affect = affection while effect = cause and effect.
Watch out for words that sound similar:
  • dose/does
  • of/off
  • quiet/quite
  • chose/choose
  • lose/loose
  • accept/except
  • past/passed


  • There are significant differences in spelling between the different varieties of English used all over the world, and that includes spelling conventions.
  • American English uses -ize where British English uses -ise in words like socialise/socialize. Both are correct, provided you are consistent throughout the article.
  • American English omits the u in words like color and honor, where British English retains it - colour and honour.
  • The colour is grey in British English, but gray in American English.
  • British English doubles the l at the end of words like travel when adding a suffix - American English does not.
  • Embrace the glorious variety! It could be worse - in Tudor England there were no spelling conventions and people spelled as they wished. It makes for interesting reading!

Source: How to Avoid Common Spelling Mistakes when Writing a wikiHow Article

24 November 2010

Final World War: Chapter 1 - The Beginning

I was shocked when my special friend told me that North Korea attacked South Korea yesterday. The Yeonpyeong Island was attacked by the North Korean troops. It was the surprise dozens of artillery shells attack due to the military exercise held by the South Korean military force and the army of the United States. North Korea claimed that the military exercise should not be held as due to it, the troops of South Korea had started the firing towards North Korea. They claimed that the army of South Korea had fired first and intruded their waters.

I was thinking of Rain and Park Ji Sung. Will they move out from Seoul with their families when the actual war between these two nations becomes a reality? They surely can afford it if they do want to move out. But how about the taxi drivers and the fish sellers of Seoul? Can they afford the cost? Will the government of South Korea evacuate the country and leave the troops to do their work to defend the empty soil of South Korea? This is pathetic. This should not be happening. The urge towards North Korea by the United States should be stopped before the actual war becomes a reality. The pressure on the northern side of Korea will only lead to devastation and destruction, not peace.

What's next after the Korean war? More peace to come? Hell no. There will be more wars. China will interrupt with the Korean war, they will join forces with the southern troops. Japan will becoming more confused and they will start to fly their jets to explode the nation that they think should be attacked too. And vice-versa. The war is coming. This is the final war before the end of the world. When all the nations in the world are fighting with each other, there will be no stopping point. This will eventually lead to the day where the last ammo will be used, there will be no more living human on this earth. We all are going to die.

Wake up, you human races of the world. This is the beginning. The beginning of all the massive destruction of the world. The war will never stop when it has begun. Thus, stop it, do not ever start the war. That is the important preventative stage of saving the world. May GOD bless us and we shall pray for our safety. Amin. -onesensei-

Photo by: Kim Jae-Hwan/AFP/Getty Images

23 November 2010

Another Practicum Side

Our personalities might be different.

If you come to think about it,

There’s no way that we could spend time together.

But we did.

Because we only had each other.

To face the new, intimidating world:

  • Rude students.
  • School politics.
We go through them all, together.

Practicum did not just expose us to the new environment.

It revealed who we were and who our friends were.

We came to realise that our friends’ true colours were actually rainbows.

And not a plain unicolour that we had assumed all this while.

3 months adapting with different colleague that we usually hung out with.

It’s indeed a blessing.

Should we rejoice more the rapport that we just built with the students?

Or the kinship that we had with our own friends for almost 6 years?

22 November 2010

serious issue: AE

dearest C4 members,

i received a call from mdm patsy.
according to her, 9 of us have not submitted their AE to her.
she is willing to give 2 more days to submit the work.
after 2 days, she will do something serious about it.

personal opinion:
ask patsy whether she got your work or not.
ask your SV whether he/she has submitted it to patsy.
thanks all.
please cooperate and submit your AE.
it's your future.

yours truly,

20 November 2010

the day C4 went up Kinabalu..

oh well, maybe someday.

I want to run on the tip just like Joe did. May God Bless Your Soul Joe.

17 November 2010

Let's Question This

I have to say that I WAS really excited when my friends agreed to hike Gunung Kinabalu. But that is the truth, I WAS excited.

What makes me afraid is one thing that people name it as ‘commitment’. Will my friends give their cooperation if I want them to work with me for the project? I tried to come out with a hypothesis. I used several ‘literature reviews’ to guide me.

Literature Review:

1. Farewell Party for Mdm Patsy – I saw some (or maybe not too 'some') people didn’t really do their works. I saw them taking the responsibilities given for granted, did not appear as how they should appear. What they knew, they wanted to enjoy and have fun time at the party and that’s all. At the end, like usual, only a few particular people who did all the works, and the rest just enjoying the enjoyable day. (like I said, 'some' ok. so please don't 'terasa2' for no reason if it wasn't you)

2. Blog’s Member Page – What they need to do is login and update their profile in the blog. It takes lesser than 10minutes actually. We don’t ask them to write a 10 pages summary. But as we can see, like usual, only a few did. The rest, just look and logout, and do something else, waiting for somebody to comment their status on FB, etc.

This BIG question comes into my mind. ‘Will they give their commitment for the project?’ Because this hiking project needs a really tough preparation. And somehow, what comes into my mind is, same people will do same works, and the rest will ‘appear’ on the hiking day. 

I have no problem with all of these. For me, the most important thing is to see all the projects are done successfully. Yes, everybody will happy. But will it be fair for some of us???

Guys, the issue is ‘commitment’.

Let’s question ourselves,
‘Will I give my commitment for this project?’

P/s: If yes, let’s start it with updating the members’ page. TQ.

'the' CELCOM?????????

Some say that CELCOM is the best,
It connects people,
It has best rates ever,
It doesn’t have hidden rates,
It has several affordable plans…
It is like the birds flying over a mountain,
What a scenario…
It is like a flower at the middle of war,
So beautiful,
It is like a glass of water in the middle of a desert,
So precious,

But for me…
The reality is…
CELCOM IS DAMN NOT !!!!!!!!! BUDUS!!!!!!!!!!!

16 November 2010

Paint Comic #4

Save our children from this confusing!

Paint Comic #3

If they really care about our health and not the profit, they should stop selling cigarettes at all. Honestly I won't stop buying cigarettes as long they're still available. Most smokers will smoke to their graves regardless of all the dumbshit cancer gore campaign on cigarette's boxes.

Disclaimer: I've lost track of cigarettes' prices now and then so the prices are just estimation.

Paint Comic #2

Common scenarios at CP...

Paint Comic #1

What's daily life about since this mini-thesis thingy.

15 November 2010


New info,
flight tickets will be received on 18th November 2010, a person (dunno who) announced it just now at college. so, wait lah yer... maybe this a way to make the college becomes more meriah on raya day... n u know what, taktik itu berjaya, siot!
sekiang ('sekian' in terengganu)

Hai Adik-Adik!

Kembali lagi kita ke rancangan mari menjolok cempedak~ Ehem2~

Saya sudah tambah iklan Nuffnang untuk blog ini ya adik-adik.

Jika tangan itu gatal anda dipersilakan menjolok... Atau mengklik.

Dapat duit nanti kita guna untuk parti.

Sekian terima kasih.

Jumpa lagi!

12 November 2010


I went to HEP just now to ask some things that all of us need to know. Straight to the point, these are the points that I’ve got.

All C4 members who applied for the tickets will get them, including those who are going to places in Sabah. The tickets will be released and distributed on 16th November 2010.

The blue forms that we submitted when we were at Shah Alam were posting forms. They have been submitted to BPG and already processed. We are not given the choices for posting places because it is how it is actually. All trainees can’t choose their posting places, it will be decided by BPG. For those who did choose their posting places, it is actually just ‘penyedap hati’ and ‘penutup mulut’ so they will not keep asking and applying. According to our agreement, we agree to be posted anywhere in Malaysia. BUT, for those who have problems (eg: married, family problem etc), you can apply for the transfer but it must be done on your own, when you are posted later. If I can say, we will have 10% guarantee to be transferred to places that we choose, if we apply now (at maktab), it is close to impossible. But we might have 70% if we apply later after been posted.

That’s all. Thank you.

Procrastination: Not our culture.

I love to do this. All of us do, I guess. It begun when I was in Part 6. Part 6 was hell. Too many works needed to be submitted. I had an extra subject as I was taking my Mandarin Level 3 in Part 6. Too tired. No time for resting. I had to spend all my time for myself, my family, my love ones and friends + for all the assignments.

Since Part 6, I felt that something was coming into me, personally. I did all the works given days before the deadline. Usually, I finished doing my works few hours before the deadline. I changed (into a monster??). I felt it. I thank GOD so much for believing in me and giving me this opportunity to change myself. Even though the quality of the works done by me were merely the same, but I managed to save more time. I could spend the precious time to enjoy myself without thinking about things that were not done yet. I could play games with friends, watching movies with my comrades, and enjoying myself with friends and family.

In Part 7, I thank my coordinator, Madam Rose Patsy Tibok for giving me the opportunity to be supervised by Madam Jenny Kwong for my AE. She's a great person, formally and personally. She's very professional. She pushed me to do the draft of my AE earlier than others. Finishing the rest of the AE is a piece of cake now, thanks to her. Without her, I will still be a procrastinator. I would also like to thank Mr Gerard Benjamin for supervising me during my teaching practicum period. He had been giving me so much advice and he always reminded me to always up to date and avoid procrastination. Thank you Mr G!

I really hope that I can maintain this habit and throw away the procrastination issue out of my life. As an intellectual, I assume procrastination is not our way. We should not procrastinate, in my opinion (what do you think??). I'm not perfect but I will try my best to motivate myself, my family and my friends. Without you guys, I am not who I am now. Thank you! Hope that this experience of mine would motivate others and especially you (yes you!) my dear C4 friends! It is less than a year, we should strive for the best. Put front the important things before other things. Manage our schedule properly. Find our happiness in doing right things. You'll be happy when you're not burden with overdue works, I believe that (how about you?).

This is more like a personal journal to me but I would like to share this with my friends. I would like you to know how do I feel now, it's a lot better than before. So much better. Good luck with your AE and the subjects for next semester! Wish us the best and we'll meet again when the time comes. Appreciate this few months together as it will not be easy for us to meet as a group in the future. I love C4 very much! May GOD be with us. Amin.

Less is More

It's going to be less than one year now..

Some took precautions by living a monotonous life.

Few have succumbed to a life full of conflicts, misery, scandals, and controversy.

The other half destined to take the life cycle and fate perseveringly.

In all that happened to us (or failed to happen to us), have you discovered the divine agenda within?

"In the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the alternation of night and day, there are indeed Signs for men of understanding." –003:190

There’s less than one year now.

No more time for dreaming.

Only time for pursuing.

10 November 2010

Encik Kinabalu Letak di Kundasang, mari mendaki!

Salam, dear comrades.

We are getting older (this is a good first sentence), so we must do things that we should do years ago. The main point we are destined to gather at IPG Gaya, KOTA KINABALU, SABAH is to come out with an idea to climb the highest mountain in Malaysia and the fifth in this Asia Tenggara, named Mount Kinabalu. But let’s call it ‘Encik Kinabalu’, why? So it can re-construct our perception that the mount is climbable and all of us can do it.

First thing first. We need a committee to climb Encik Kinabalu. Of course, like we all know, people who are in the committee must be people who can organize and manage the project. Not necessarily people who used to climb mountains only. So I will let the places below blanked. Please suggest names for these particular positions, the rest will be selected later after the highest committee members are chosen.

Vice CP:
Secretary 1:
Secretary 2:
Treasurer 1:
Treasurer 2:

This activity will be very fun and memorable. It can be our last outdoor activity together. I mean really outdoor (have a picnic at beach is also outdoor, but it is not really outdoor. Climbing Encik Kinabalu, yeah it is). So, we better take this chance. Next time we might not meeting each other anymore. If we do meet, it is hard to gather all of us (almost all). So this is the only chance we have. C’mon.

And by the way, maybe 1 or 2 weeks before we climb Encik Kinabalu, we will have several short and simple training to build our stamina and to prepare our body to climb it. I used to climb it half-way, it was fun. There were boys and girls, thin and fat people, strong and weak, all of them managed to climb it. It is not so difficult; furthermore, the track is already there. It is more to walking instead of climbing.

So guys, that’s all. Hope this project will become a reality. If possible, we will build a complete committee on 16thNov2010, so please name your suggestions before 16th November 2010.

Terimalah 2 rangkap pantun sebagai penutup bicara.

Encik Kinabalu sangatlah tinggi,
Ada tanah, ada pokok, ada batu,
Wahai kawan-kawan apa tunggu lagi,
Mari kita daki gunung itu.

Tinggi-tinggi Encik Kinabalu,
Tinggi lagi sayang sama kamu,
Biru-biru Encik Kinabalu,
Kalu tak daki mana kau tahu.

Thank you…

08 November 2010

Notes On Changes

Due to the recent ding-dong among the members of Twenty Seven on the change of this blog's template, this calls for a clarification.

The final result is what you see now, I didn't do it just for the note. Please return the original .xml.

This blog was initially my idea, but I had never declared that it is personally mine, neither did I change anything without discussing with fellow Twenty Seveners. Prior to any change, such as the name of this blog or its tagline, I posted in 'Notice', to confirm that everyone agrees first.

It is important because people have different tastes on what's aesthetic, what's functional, what's meaningful, etc, like I told you before.

A few things everyone should remember:

1. This blog is supposed to belong to C4, thus any change you plan to do must be acknowledged and agreed upon by everyone.

2. Before you change anything; templates, wording, header, tagline, sidebars' titles, you should put first inform and confirm the other members in the Message Box or in a Post.

3. If you want to change a critical element in this blog such as the template, make sure you know what you're doing, rearrange the stuffs back to their respective places and don't leave them popping and hanging out of place. I personally prefer two columns instead of three, because texts and pictures will be congested in the middle when you use three columns. If you still want to use three columns, fix the width carefully.

4. The most important thing about any website or blog is accessibility and comfortability. So do not put colorful background behind a text body. Two of the most commonly used styles are white background with black coloured texts, or black background with white or any bright colored texts. It doesn't matter but contrast of just two colours is important.

5. This didn't happen so far, but as a reminder; don't ever edit other members' posts, except for Labels.

Thank you, I know too well that we all are law-defying deviants, but sometimes we must abide by the rules.

Or I should just delete this blog and everyone will be happy.

“Why the Whole Maktab Gaya Knows (Hates) TESL C4”

So, to make all of us know our root (???????) and to make others know who are these selected 27 men and women (even we still think that we are boys and girls), I list down some ‘information’ that we can read. I give it the title...

Signs of Death

100 hari sebelum kematian:
Ini adalah tanda pertama dari Allah kepada hambanya dan hanya akan disedari oleh mereka-mereka yang dikehendakinya. Walaubagaimanapun semua orang Islam akan mendapat tanda ini cuma sama ada mereka sedar atau tidak sahaja. Tanda ini akan berlaku lazimnya selepas waktu Asar. Seluruh tubuh iaitu dari hujung rambut sehingga ke hujung kaki akan mengalami getaran atau seakan-akan mengigil.

40 hari sebelum kematian...

06 November 2010


Teaching can be a lot like lighting a firecracker, if you know what you're doing.

One of my high school English teachers was macho and abusive. He said he was a poet; and he certainly could read beautifully, in both English and Spanish. But he was cruel. He reduced me to tears twice. And I witnessed him frighten and humiliate others. I haven’t hated many people, but I’m pretty sure I hated him. I think I still do. But...

An Entry That Not So Many People Like To Read::..

Who do we think we are???

Let’s count together, how many seconds left do we have to live before we die (for real). Let’s count, starting from the number ‘0’…


You know what, we can’t even sure that we will live at the next second. ‘0’ means, yes we know we are living now, but the next second, which is after this second, are we sure that we still have this breath? Are we sure that this soul will still in this body? We are not sure… we can’t be sure.

Such a terrifying topic I bring here, for sure, free readers don’t prefer to read this stuff, because for them, we must read something about the world.

The End of the World, The Beginning of Eternal Life.

sorry for posting something in Bahasa Malaysia. I found this post this morning and I would like to share it with you guys, but it is too long to be translated into English. So the easiest way, copy & paste! hehehe. Read, because it is closely related to all of us, all human beings.

05 November 2010

What Women Want

Dahsyat sungguh pompuan ni...banyak perkara yang mana perempuan lebih suka difahami secara tersirat. ye ke tak sempat bagitau?silakan baca.

oh wow.

I just had to....

Source: Tumblr

Women Should Know How to Cook??

Kalau perempuan tidak boleh memasak, dikutuk dan disuruh belajar. Kalau lelaki tak boleh jadi imam kita kata okay saja.

Jangan diperbesarkan nanti mereka terasa hati.

"Apalah perempuan, tak pandai masak siapa nak kahwin dengan awak!" Begitulah kata rakan sejawat lelaki pada seorang anak dara, juga rakan sejawat kami.

Maka jawaplah si gadis ayu itu yang dia tidak sempat belajar memasak sebab dari kecil tidak digalakkan keluarga sebaliknya di suruh menumpukan perhatian pada pelajaran saja.

C4's Songs

C4 comrades love songs. Every day in class, in most events, every morning before leaving the hostel, in the toilets and other relevant places, there are theme songs played or sang for the ear's lullaby.

04 November 2010

C4's Memes

There were times that some words or practices were spread and became contagious to the members of Cohort 4. Let's list them all:

Tips About Topics/Labels

to Twenty Seven alliance,

You see, for each post that you're editing you can assign the labels, yes? It will be better if we can sort our different types of posts according to specific labels.

In this blog, I renamed 'Labels' to 'Topics' on the sidebar you see on the left.
Why is it relevant?

Our posts will be more organized, so later in the future we can refer back to our large archive of articles and posts according to categories.

We don't want to see the Labels/Topics tab to be cluttered with 973 different Labels of things we thought of randomly! If we put labels accordingly we can refer to previous posts of the same category quickly, so older posts will not be abandoned. This will be C4's future archive, thus we have to keep it organised.

At the moment, these are the Labels available for this blog:


Everyone is invited to add more Labels as you see fit. But make it official so that possible future posts can be categorized under that Label. If you post something related to poetry then use the appropriate Label.

Random labels such as 'Hahahahaha', 'Uhhh', or 'I haz a sad' will not be tolerated. Anything random can be posted under Random.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

How to Preserve a Friendship

By Geng Sahalam. Taken from my blog.

1. You should remember his/her birthday.
2. You should buy presents for him/her when you go on a vacation.
3. You should visit him/her when he/she is sick.
4. You should give him/her advice when he/she is having problems.
5. You should comfort him/her when he/she is sad.
6. You must help him/her when he/she is being bullied.
7. You must respect his/her religion, belief and culture.
8. You must stop him/her if he/she is doing bad things/things that would harm them.
9. You must respect their elderly (parents, etc).
10. You must stop them from drinking alcohol and taking drugs.

Supplies Story

There are three men, a Malay, an Indian and a Chinese. All three are working for a contractor. One day, the contractor got a new project of building a small guard house. He then instructs all three of them with different tasks.

03 November 2010

Colour Scheme

The colour scheme of this blog, black background or white background?
Which do you prefer?

As usual, answer in the comments section.

Blog Title and Tagline

Twenty Seven is a just a working title, it's not really that good.

Therefore if any of you have better suggestions, please put them in the comment section of this post.

The same for the tagline. Think of a good one that we all can agree with. Just put all of them in the comment section and then we'll vote for the best.

Thank you.


On second thought, I would like to suggest this. Everyone can change the tagline anytime. It's up to you.

Say, while you're in the toilet and suddenly something brilliant pops up, just change it on your own accord!

I bet it will be much fun.

my back aches.

my back aches
because of the fun we had
because of the laughter we shared
because of the memories we made

my back aches
because of the years i spent
with 26 friends

my back aches
knowing C4 is disbanding soon

my back aches
not because of sadness
but because it is sure



02 November 2010

The Farewell Steps

     Salam...some of you might know that I taught my students to write journals as their writing exercise during my practicum period. I was so 'average' while teaching them, seriously I didn't build any close relationship with them, I mean, I didn't become too close with them, and I didn't go too far also. But at the end of the practicum, I felt that the bond between us are too close, professionally, and I am their beloved 'sir' somehow. I was so touched, and that led me to write a journal specially for them... and I just want to share it with you guys. Enjoy! (if enjoy la kan...hahaha)
Dear Journal,

     Due to the arriving of the end for the practicum period, I packed my things to leave the school. I took 3 steps to get out from that school.

First step::..
I felt so blessed when I’d been called ‘sir’ and ‘teacher’ along the practicum period… I called my teachers with those words before, I’d been called with those words during microteaching which was a part of the acting requirement, but at this school, I’d been called those words sincerely. I am now a ‘sir’ to my students. I had a 3 months practicum there, but I’m sure, after that 3 months, till the end of the day, even longer, maybe forever, they will call me ‘sir’, they will call me ‘cikgu’. Even for students that I met them once in a 30minutes relief class.

Second step::..
I realized that I am no longer a kid that can lick all the things from my teachers and guardians. I am now preparing my shoes to be licked by others. I have to feed them. I have to humanize them. I have to educate them. I have to create my own history book. It might be a very thick one, but it maybe not. And at that farewell point, I noticed, this is the right moment to start my book, because the last page of it will be determined by this simple start. I am now a grown up man. I bring a lot of heavy things on my shoulders, but still I add more to make them heavier. Am I crazy? Nope, of course not, I’m now too far from craziness. I am just a brave man having brave dreams and doing brave jobs.

Third step::..
The last step, I realized that I had added more people in my lovers list. I love my students. It was not too obvious at the first time our eyes met, and I didn’t even think about loving them. I felt, this job is a professional job that has an extremely strong and high wall between me and my clients, which are the students. But at this third step, I missed my students. I missed them so much. They called me ‘sir’, and made me as their ‘sir’, they had put their trust on me to teach them English. I could cheat, they would not know, but that ‘trust’, really softened my heart, and made me motivated to bring them to the highest mountain of success, so one day I can stand there, they can stand there, and we look to the ground, we see ourselves were crawling in those hot classes, we were hugging each other to calm the sadness of a failure, we were shaking hands to promise that that was not the end of our relationship. Looking at the past with tears, and we tell ourselves, finally we did it!

And for me, I have created an idiom, which I really hope it is an idiom:
“A weapon that the greatest teacher always has [in pocket], A CHEAP RED BALL PEN.

And for my students, I have taught them how a pen can make them success:
  1. write
  2. make mistakes
  3. do correction
  4. rewrite

Farewell 2 Alamanda,
Farewell 2 Daisy
Farewell my mentors,
Farewell all students and teachers,
Farewell SMKBKK.

Your Lover.

Syafiq Fadeli,
13th October 2010.

We Rocked The Beach

Our barbecue at the beach today is definitely worthwhile. Let's do it some more! XD

31 October 2010

Announcement #3

Siapa-siapa yang rajin dan ada masa boleh pi kasi siap 'Members' page. Kosong lagi tu.

Terima kasey.

27 kids

sixteen boys.
eleven girls.

words we hear
people hate us
for the name we bear.

TESL kids,
strange and problematic
so they say.

shutting one eye,
closing one ear,
we carry the burden,
always, together.

the others are stars,
demanding attention.
some are celebs-like,
prioritizing looks.

but C4?
we remain the kids.
the rascals.
the brains.
the best nevertheless.

Announcement #2

I think we should create a page for our details... Our individually unique specialties, something like that.

But we need to edit the page and fill it on our own, or describe each other. Later on I'll work on that.

C4 - Chapter 4

Argh! Need time to start writing. Should be good today but still the plug is still off. I'm still not in the mood to start writing. I need help but what help that I needed? Go away this laziness, go away! Should focus more on my priority aside from my needs. It's a necessity to be on time and always remember not to waste the time given. I should lay back, think about it and waste more time!!

Lazy Lazy Lazy

I'm lazy today
But I shouldn't be
Lazy lazy lazy
We should start to write

Announcement #1

For those who have accepted the invitation, I've granted you admin privilege. Thus, you're free to edit the design, add widgets, change the layout and pretty much everything. You can even edit posts from other members if you want to. Tapi mungkin nda perlu la kan?

Thanks for your participation.

Hey c4 members!!

I hope this can be a place that will be ours forever. thanx for the brilliant idea Joe!

Twenty Three

Twenty three years and counting. Where to?

Nothing personal will be posted here.
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