31 October 2010

Announcement #3

Siapa-siapa yang rajin dan ada masa boleh pi kasi siap 'Members' page. Kosong lagi tu.

Terima kasey.

27 kids

sixteen boys.
eleven girls.

words we hear
people hate us
for the name we bear.

TESL kids,
strange and problematic
so they say.

shutting one eye,
closing one ear,
we carry the burden,
always, together.

the others are stars,
demanding attention.
some are celebs-like,
prioritizing looks.

but C4?
we remain the kids.
the rascals.
the brains.
the best nevertheless.

Announcement #2

I think we should create a page for our details... Our individually unique specialties, something like that.

But we need to edit the page and fill it on our own, or describe each other. Later on I'll work on that.

C4 - Chapter 4

Argh! Need time to start writing. Should be good today but still the plug is still off. I'm still not in the mood to start writing. I need help but what help that I needed? Go away this laziness, go away! Should focus more on my priority aside from my needs. It's a necessity to be on time and always remember not to waste the time given. I should lay back, think about it and waste more time!!

Lazy Lazy Lazy

I'm lazy today
But I shouldn't be
Lazy lazy lazy
We should start to write

Announcement #1

For those who have accepted the invitation, I've granted you admin privilege. Thus, you're free to edit the design, add widgets, change the layout and pretty much everything. You can even edit posts from other members if you want to. Tapi mungkin nda perlu la kan?

Thanks for your participation.

Hey c4 members!!

I hope this can be a place that will be ours forever. thanx for the brilliant idea Joe!

Twenty Three

Twenty three years and counting. Where to?

Nothing personal will be posted here.
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