28 January 2011

[TSL651] Laskar Pelangi

Belitung, (or in English, Billiton), is an island on the east coast of Sumatra, Indonesia in the Java Sea. The island is known for its pepper and for its tin. It was in the possession of the British from 1812 until the British ceded control of the island to the Dutch in the Anglo-Dutch Treaty of 1824. Its main town is Tanjung Pandan. [ source ]

And the accent is not fake, it is the accent of the people in Sumatera. [ source ]

Download OST Laskar Pelangi - Nidji

26 January 2011

Sport Division Name List































Ps. Thanks to Lalis for the list (it rhymes, doesn't it?).
Pss. Majulah sukan untuk negara!

25 January 2011

Epic Failure

Typographical error

A typographical error (often shortened to typo) is a mistake made in, originally, the manualtype-setting (typography) of printed material, or more recently, the typing process. The term includes errors due to mechanical failure or slips of the hand or finger,[1] but usually excludes errors of ignorance, such as spelling errors. Before the arrival of printing, the "copyist's mistake" or "scribal error" was the equivalent for manuscripts. Most typos involve simple duplication, omission, transposition, or substitution of a small number of characters. [ Wikipedia ]


Irony (from the Ancient Greek εἰρωνεία eirōneía, meaning dissimulation or feigned ignorance)[1] is a rhetorical device, literary technique, or situation in which there is a sharp incongruity or discordance that goes beyond the simple and evident intention of words or actions. Ironic statements (verbal irony) often convey a meaning exactly opposite from their literal meaning. In ironic situations (situational irony), actions often have an effect exactly opposite from what is intended. The discordance of verbal irony is created as a means of communication (as in art or rhetoric). Descriptions or depictions of situational and dramatic ironies, whether in fiction or in non-fiction, serve a communicative function of sharpening or highlighting certain discordant features of reality. [ Wikipedia ]

[Urgent] RE-Register Your Course

From Group ED220KG8 replace ALL to Group ED2208G 

iStudent Portal

21 January 2011

Mesej Khidmat Masyarakat


Opening Hours
Monday - Friday:
0800 AM - 1030 AM
0400 PM - 0900 PM

0300 - 0800 PM

Perentry: RM3
Membership: RM15 (for a lifelong)
Monthly: RM20

20 January 2011

[TSL652] Discussions for Trifles


1. Trifles contains several important symbols. In literature, a symbol is something that represents something else, and is often used to communicate deeper levels of meaning. What are some of the important symbols in Trifles? How does Glaspell use these symbols to propel the plot, and convey deeper levels of meaning about her characters or themes.

2. Research the lives of women in rural American communities at the turn of the century. What were typical tasks assigned to women? How did the requirements of frontier life determine the role women played in the family? Explore how the frontier experience affected the decisions made by Mrs Peters and Mrs Hale.

3. On the surface, Trifles seems to be about the social, psychological and physical divides separating men from the women. But digging deeper it is about the concept of truth that transcends the gender. Discuss this concept in relation to the theme and characters in the play.

To be presented on WEEK 4: 26 JAN 2011

Ps. First come, first serve basis. Post your selection in the comment section.

Changing role of educators

Now that information is ubiquitous, schools and teachers need to facilitate learning instead of playing the role of ‘information suppliers’.

THE other day, my 12-year-old son came up to me saying he had somehow removed the video device driver on his laptop, and was not getting a clear display. I could have solved the problem for him, but I asked him what he was going to do.

He said he would find out what to do on YouTube, which he did. He solved the problem in 10 minutes.

Although a common occurrence in many homes, I wonder if you see the implications for this.

Here we have a child who, though tech savvy, has no real technical knowledge in software and hardware, and certainly not in solving a problem in a laptop.

However, as a 21st century learner, he knew that there was bound to be a solution online. He viewed the video, learnt to understand it, and applied his new knowledge.

This is just one example of how online videos have transformed learning, as well as the role of formal education in the 21st century. We no longer need schools and teachers to be “information suppliers”.

Schools and education systems were developed in the industrial age to transmit information to students. This was done at a time when knowledgeable factory workers – who really only needed to have specific skills – were needed.

Now that all knowledge is ubiquitous, and in a medium that is far richer than what classrooms can offer, we need to rethink the purpose of schools and formal education. The Internet has not by any means replaced the need for teachers, but transformed their purpose and function. Teaching is no longer about Content Knowing; it is about facilitating Knowing and the building of associated skills.

The starting point of our educational strategy should be the outcomes we require in real life – both the workplace and in academics.

In that case, current subjects would be replaced by “competencies”, such as:

·Research and Problem Solving using Logical and Creativity-based Thinking and Knowing;

·Wise Decision-making using real-time, accurate, meaningfully connected and relevant Knowing, enabling Leaps of Logic and Intuition;

·Developing, Proposing, Presenting, Recording, Evaluating and Concluding Projects;

·Living with, developing, applying and shaping technology hardware and software;

·Coordinating and Teamwork in Project Scheduling and Implementation within the framework of Adaptability, Ethics, Morals and Inclusivity;

·Financial, Business, Economic and Accounting fundamentals in Planning;

·Developing optimum Minds, Health, Life and Fitness through Diet and Exercise; and

·Shaping and developing futures for a sustainable financial and living model for the planet.

These competencies would form the basis of content material to be presented, instead of subjects, which are often disconnected and have little application or meaning to learners’ own lives.

For example, a teacher could walk into the classroom and start on Research and Problem Solving using Logical and Creativity-based Thinking and Knowing. A current, relevant problem is introduced – pollution and global warming. In the course of introducing the problem, the teacher could talk about the involvement of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths.

It might even be that the problem statement has been so expertly arranged that the chapters covered in the various disciplines, represents fundamental knowledge and are all the first chapter in the various books.

Alternative assessments

We often grouse about exams that have no purpose and meaning, and that alternate means of assessment are needed.

Why not consider the possibility that we don’t need assessments at all? After all, we are not educating students in order to judge them, but to facilitate learning.

A digital portfolio system, replacing exams and assessments, would offer learners themselves, and their learning guides, a means to facilitate the process of learning.

The digital portfolio could be evaluated anytime — not for the purpose of assigning grades, but to ensure the completion of learning objectives and of ensuring that readiness for a promotion to a next academic level is primed for success. Learners would then be able to reflect on the process and outcomes of their works, and to pinpoint wrong turns and right ones too.

They would be trained for success in the 21st century where analysis of mistakes and knowing of correct actions are the basic necessities to continuous learning.

Under ideal circumstances, this could be a new policy that might be implemented easily, but the reality of unnecessary political interferences and considerations in Malaysian education will complicate matters.

If the health system is tasked to save lives, then the education system’s task is to save minds. In Malaysia, this is one task that needs attention promptly.

>Dr Theva is a senior lecturer at The School of Educational Studies, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang. The School is working to contribute towards the transformation of the landscapes of Malaysian schooling and higher education systems. He can be contacted at ntheva@gmail.com.

By, Dr Theva Nithy. The Star Online [ Source ]

18 January 2011

Update: Presentations

Madam Janet's Presentation

(Friday, 21/01/2011)

Mr. Chan's (Weekly) Presentation

1. Page 9 – 14

2. Page 15 – 20

3. Page 20 – 26


Week 7 – Jaburu

Week8 – Pagong

Week 9 – Tagi

Week 10 - Kucha

Week 11 – Mogo-mogo

Week 12 - Saboga

Week 13 - Rotu

Week 14 - Ogakor

4. Page 27 – 38

5. Page 39 – 43

6. Page 44 – 50

7. Page 51 – 55


8. Chapter 6

[EDU630] C4 Tribes: Episode 4

C4 Survivor: IP Gaya (Semester Finale)
Valour! Vanity! Victory!

  1. Ref. to Group Divisions (5 tribes) for forum in Professional Development.
  2. Please choose your topic and, state it in the comment section.

“What we are is God's gift to us. What we become is our gift to God.” -Eleanor Powell

The new tribe names are based on:

Vayu (The God of Winds)
-Based on Hindu mythology.

Lei Gong (The God of Thunder)
-Based on Chinese mythology.

Anubis (The God of the Underworld)
-Based on Egyptian mythology.

Ares (The God of War)
-Based on Greek mythology.

Shamash (The God of the Sun)
-Based on Mesopotamian mythology.


Group Divisions

4 TRIBES (6-7 members)

Adi Syazwandi
Noor Nui Nadia
Shahrul Zaman
M. Syafiq
Zaisma Firdani
Zulfadhli Mohd
Vanessa Jacqueline
M. Faris
Clarice Mondin
Muhaini Syamimi
Noor Azlina Jimin
Farah Zariza
M. Kaszaree
Dalila Syazana
Nurjauhari Anuar
M. Zakrie
Ridhwan Isa
M. Fauzi
Ahmad Nooraffif
Nurhafizah Anis
Ahmad Taufik
Ibrahim Ismail
Siti Salwa
Sirhajwan Idek

Mr. Chan’s mini debate.

5 TRIBES (5-6 members)
Noor Azlina Jimin
Farah Zariza
Vanessa Jacqueline
M. Faris
Clarice Mondin
Muhaini Syamimi
Dalila Syazana
M. Kaszaree
M. Zakrie
Nurjauhari Anuar
Ridhwan Isa
Nurhafizah Anis
Sirhajwan Idek
Ahmad Taufik
Ibrahim Ismail
M. Syafiq
Zaisma Firdani
Shahrul Zaman
M. Fauzi
Zulfadhli Mohd
Adi Syazwandi
NOOr Nui Nadia
Siti Salwa
M. Ariffudin
Ahmad Nooraffif
Prof. Development’s Forum

6 TRIBES (4-5 members)
1. Dr Yeow's presentation.

8 TRIBES (3-4 members)
M. Sirhajwan
A. Taufik
Ibrahim Ismail
M. Syafiq
Zaisma Firdani
M. Zakrie
Adi Syazwandi
Noor Nui Nadia
Shahrul Zaman
A. Noraffif
Zulfadhli Mohd
M. Fauzi
Nurhafizah Anis
Siti Salwa
Dalila Syazana
M. Kaszaree
Ridhwan Isa
Vanessa Jacqueline
M. Faris
Muhaini Syamimi
Clarice Mondin
Farah Zariza
Noor Azlina
M. Ariffudin

1. Mr. Chan's weekly presentation.
2. Madam Janet's group presentation.
3. Madam Janet's creative project.

Our Spirit, Gone MIA

After almost 6 years, after 3 months practicum, we're back to the Kingdom.
Learning things which we have previously learned.
Doings things which we have repeatedly done.

We're losing ourselves, all these things seem insignificant now.

Why can't we have some motivational, inspirational courses?
To rejuvenate the teaching spirit we had once possessed.
Or leave us with some times to be together.
For the last time most probably.

17 January 2011

IPGM Anthem

IPG Malaysia
Download [Right click, Save Link As]
Institut Pendidikan Guru
Kami sentiasa bersedia
Menjulang etika kerja
Berkorban jiwa raga
Menjunjung aspirasi
Bangsa negara tercinta

Berwibawa berintegriti
Keunggulan peribadi
Berteraskan keimanan
Mendidik anak bangsa

Kami bangga menjadi guru
Kerjaya dihormati
Tidak jemu menimba ilmu
Bakti setulus hati dan budi

IPG Malaysia berikrar
Membentuk guru berkualiti
Penyayang berakhlak mulia
Mendokong visi misi IPG
Source: Institut Pendidikan Guru Kampus Tun Abdul Razak

[TSL641] CALL Slides

Lecture Slides

Ps. THE FORCE OF CIRCUMSTANCE - W. Somerset Maugham is available HERE

16 January 2011

IP Gaya 2011 Almanac (Takwim)







2/3 – 27/28 Jan


CNY: 3-4/2/2010


28/29 Jan – 5/6 Feb



6/7 Feb - 10/11 Mar



11/12 – 19/20 Mar



20/21 Mar – 5/6 May



8/9 – 12/13 May



16 – 26 May


TCHR’S DAY: 16 May

15 January 2011

C4 Tribes: Episode 3

C4 Survivor: IP Gaya (Semester Finale)
Envisage! Execute! Evaluate!

For certain tasks, the class is assigned into 8 groups in order to meet the requirement of the courses, therefore, two tribes have been additionally formed (i.e. Ogakor & Kucha).

Please ref. to Group Divisions (8 tribes)
Let's work it to the top, and don't ever ever flop!

[EDU646] C4 Tribes: Episode 2

C4 SURVIVOR: IP GAYA (Semester Finale)
Outwit! Outplay! Outlast!

This is the division of our class into 4 teams of debate for EDU646: Current Issues in Education. For this task, the 26 members of Cohort 4 are put into a test which challenges how well the teams:

  • Communicate
  • Collaborate
  • Compete

Chief Judge: Mr. Chan Koh Wah

Host: Sirhajwan Idek

Please ref. to Group Divisions (4 Tribes)

All the best for the debate!! Let's see who emerge in spotlight and who lapse into cat fight.

13 January 2011

Jika Ditahan 'Polis' Di Kawasan Sunyi Dan Gelap, Apa Perlu Dilakukan?

Benar, majoriti kita pernah ditahan polis terutama ketika mereka melakukan pelbagai operasi di jalan raya.

Jika memandu kereta pada waktu malam, sebelum tiba di sekatan, usah panik, nyalakan lampu di dalam kenderaan, memudahkan mereka melihat wajah kita.

Lazimnya, jika pemandu tidak memakai tali pinggang keledar, sila pakai dengan tenang.

Sewaktu bahagian dalam kenderaan disuluh, jika pembaca dan polis bertugas beragama Islam, berikan salam dan senyum atau gunakan greeting bersesuaian. Mereka selalunya akan menyuluh menggunakan lampu suluh di bahagian kiri bawah cermin hadapan untuk melihat tarikh tempoh cukai jalan.

Jika gerak geri pemandu tidak mencurigakan dan cukai jalan sah digunakan, kenderaan akan dibenarkan untuk meneruskan perjalanan.

No problem, right? Kita tahu mereka polis sah dan mempunyai pegawai bertugas di lokasi sama.

Malangnya sebelum ini berlaku kes individu atau kumpulan menyamar anggota dan pegawai polis. Sebilangan mereka memberhentikan kenderaan orang awam dan menyamun barang berharga.

Jadi ...

Jika kenderaan anda diberhentikan dek individu berseragam polis di lorong atau kawasan sunyi, apakah harus anda lakukan?

Pertama, jangan keluar dari kenderaan.

Polis tidak akan menjalankan sekatan jalanraya secara bersendirian. Perhatikan perawakannya terutama nombor badan di bajunya. Jika nombor terbabit bermula dengan 'SP', berkebarangkalian dia Police Volunteer Reserve, PVR atau sukarelawan polis.

Biar pun begitu, usah terlalu yakin berhubung identiti sebenar petugas terbabit, jangan buka tingkap sepenuhnya. Berkomunikasilah melalui ruang kecil bukaan tingkap dan jika memandu kenderaan automatik pastikan gear berada di posisi 'D' atau drive. Jika dia menggunakan motosikal, cuba lihat dan ingat nombor pendaftaran dan jenis kenderaan terbabit.

Pada masa sama, polis melakukan rondaan selalunya dibekalkan dengan walkie-talkiesebagai alat perhubungan.

"Selamat malam encik/cik/puan. Tolong keluarkan lesen memandu atau kad pengenalan"

Jika dia meminta begitu, katakan kepadanya ...

"Selamat malam, tolong keluarkan kad kuasa polis encik"

Meminta secara hormat untuk melihat kad kuasa polis, hak kita sebagai orang awam.

Ya! Ya! Majoriti kita tidak pernah melihat kad kuasa polis justeru bagaimanakah kita tahu samada kad terbabit asli atau tidak jika ditunjukkan?

Berserabut fikiran, kan?

Jadi kaedah paling mudah untuk menangani senario itu, begini ...

Jika ditahan polis bermotosikal di kawasan sunyi dan gelap, beri tahu dia ...

"Encik, jom ke balai polis berhampiran. Di sana saya akan serahkan dokumen pengenalan diri saya, silakan jalan dulu, saya ikut dari belakang atau encik boleh ikut kenderaan saya"

Andai dia berkeras, dail 999 dan anda akan disambungkan kepada pihak berkuasa. Jika dia bertindak ganas, sila tekan pedal minyak dan pandu ke arah balai polis berhampiran untuk membuat aduan.

Bukan apa, sekarang ini sukar untuk membezakan di antara polis sebenar berbanding mereka menyamar di dalam keadaan begitu.

Itu pandangan peribadi saya.

[ Sumber ]

Nothing Can Stop Us

To whom it may concern,

If you notice, we can only view but can't create a post (entry) during office hours. No worries, there's a trick. CLICK HERE.

Ps. In case you're sharing Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel files - upload it to GoogleDocs and provide the link to the items.

[EDU630] Seminar

Theme and Topics for Seminar

The first draft for our paper work had been completed already, the followings are the 4 topics of our seminar

Theme: School-based Professional Development for Beginner Teachers

1. Ground Rules for Teachers: 10 Commandments of Education Realm
2. Teacher in Distress: from Emotional Breakdown to Emotive Breakthrough
3. Self-grooming for Teachers: Professional yet Attractive
4. Ethics in Teaching Workplace: Virtue VS Vice

The topics are subject to change, they have not been approved yet. Thanks to Salwa, Anis and the other girls (Think Tank of Cohort 4) for the discussion they had had, these ideas came from them. I accepted them all!!!

Further explanations could be attained from any of the think-tank members.

[TSL652] The Force of Circumstances


Dear all,
There are 3 questions and this is how I would like to divide the work.
Question 1- 2 groups
Question 2- 2 groups
Question 3- 2 groups
There are altogether 6 groups in the class and I leave you to choose your own groups. You may not want to always remain in the same group. You are also free to choose your question but make sure that only 2 groups choose one question so that we cover all the 3 questions.
Good Luck!
Dr Yeow Poh Wha

Discussion Questions
1. “In Maugham’s universe the actions of men and women are predetermined by outward circumstances.” To what extent do you agree with this statement with particular reference to “The Force of Circumstance”?

2. In “The Force of Circumstance” discuss the issue of moral standards and sexual relations. What do you think is Maugham’s view on this issue?

3. In Maugham’s stories the relationship between white men and native women is well described. Discuss the treatment of the native women by the white man in “The Force of Circumstance”.

Ps. K.O has decided that it's 'first come, first serve basis'. Be the first to leave comment of your tribe's preferable question number.

Pagong & Mogo-Mogo - No. 1
Tagi & Rotu - No. 2
Jaburu & Saboga - No. 3

[EDU630] C4 Tribes: Episode 1 (6 Tribes)

C4 SURVIVOR: IP GAYA (Semester Finale)
Return! Redemption! Revenge!

Please ref. to Group Divisions (6 Tribes)

*The name of the group (based on Survivor’s tribe) and the division of group members are fully on Class Rep’s classified motive and undisclosed reasons. It’s however, final (unless you want to be the K.O – no pun intended).

*The group names and members are not subject to change for all the tasks that require 6 groups. (e.g. Dr Goh's presentation)



Guys, ni info terbaru yang aku dapat tentang elaun praktikum kita. Tadi Sirhajwan call aku bgtau yang Mr. Lourdes nak jumpa aku. So aku pergi. Diringkaskan cerita, elaun kita dalam proses. Kita masih belum dapat elaun tu atas 2 sebab:

1. Borang claim elaun. According to Mr Lourdes, we should fill a form for claiming our practicum allowance. And seriously we don't even know about that form. And I think, nobody in the department knows also. Maybe it is a new system or something. So they will hand us that forms, and then we fill, then we'll get the allowance.

2. Because the department hasn't send the 'Surat Sumber Kuasa' that allows the IPG to pay us, yet. Honestly speaking, I think they have lost it. But they are trying their best rite now to find it in the department, and they also contacted Madam Patsy to ask about the 'surat' since she was the person who handled the matter for our seniors. Once they have it, they will send it to the accountant, then she will key in our allowance.

Mr Lourdes asks us to be patient, and please don't go ask those people at the office, HEP, etc because they are trying their best on it. Kita takut kalo kita gi tanya, dorang rasa terganggu, dan fikir kita seolah-olah anggap dorang x buat kerja. So be patient, just wait for the allowance. It is a 95% guarantee that we will get the allowance, but maybe a little bit late because of these technical problems.

Other new info will be updated and announced, TQ.

12 January 2011

C4 Posting Details

The file can be downloaded from MediaFire.
Click here to download


As I announced in class today, these are new info that I've got from the right people that specifically involve in these particular areas.
1. We will not get our ticket's claim, since we had received both two ways tickets last year.
2. We did fill our posting forms, and yes it is different from our senior's. I have received the email which has the attachment and will be posted in this blog.
3. Seminar: It will not be paid by the IPG. But Pengarah asked us (Mr. Gerrard) to present it in their monthly meeting (forgot the name of the meeting). IPG will give money if the presentation is convincing and the project worth to be done.
4. Practicum Allowance: We are not listed in Practicum Allowance Receivers. Reason, because there is no 'surat sumber kuasa'. So did our seniors and IPKB, they didn't have that letter. But somehow they had got it and probably they were given money by other channels, which are differ from the regular channel that IPG used for PISMP students. So it is not clear yet, Urusetia Praktikum will follow-up this matter and I will get the answer ASAP from him and also from our coordinator, Madam Syarifah. Because for C3, Mdm Patsy was the person who worked for their allowance, not Urusetia Praktikum.

10 January 2011

[TSL652] Presentation on 'Mrs. Bixby and the Colonel's Coat'

"Mrs. Bixby and the Colonel's Coat" by Roald Dahl

  1. What are some of the issue regarding the stereotyping of men and women in this story?
  2. What are the contrasts between the two sexes portrayed here?
  3. Discuss the social, and historical context of the story.
  4. How does the writer highlights the stereotypes of men and women (in terms of languages, and viewpoints)?
*Create a group consisting of 5-6 people.
*Prepare a powerpoint slide.
*Due date: Wed (12/01/2011)

Ps. Bring the good first impression! :))
Source: Puding & Anis

09 January 2011

Incoming moneyyy....


1) elaun yg RM4200 tuuu...(tolak yuran asrama lagi)
2) elaun thesis (dgr2 RM450)
3) elaun praktikum (mengikut tahap ke "mc" an saudara/saudari ketika praktikum)
4) elaun buku ( RM850)(tapi elaun ni yg x pasti dapat ke x ek)
5) last but not least, die bukan sejenis elaun..tapi duit masyuk gak..kelim/klim tiket kite balik sem ni...(mengikut tahap kemahalan tiket sedare sedari laaa ek)

hehe...saje je nak post ni...
mane tau ada yg naik semangat pas bayangkan duit2 yg bakal kte dapat ni kan?kan?

08 January 2011

[TSL651] Let's vote, children!

1. The movie I would like to watch for Children’s Literature:

View Results

2. For Adolescents

View Results

Ps. Bear in mind that we have discussion and analysis of theme and characterization.

Pss. If the movie is not available, we'll opt for the second most voted.

07 January 2011

Kerajaan Perpaduan from my view

just wanna share something about Kerajaan Perpaduan, if anybody's interested.

Jom Solat! :-))

Kadang-kadang tertanya-tanya sudah masuk waktu solat atau belum? Jam berapa mahu bersedia sebelum masuk waktu azan? Yalah, mahu bercantik-cantik & berwangian di depan Maha Pengasih & Penyayang, bukan?

"Wahai anak-anak Adam pakailah pakaian kamu yang indah berhias pada tiap-tiap kali kamu ke tempat ibadat, dan makanlah serta minumlah, dan jangan pula kamu melampau; sesungguhnya ALLAH tidak suka akan orang-orang yang melampaui batas.."
(Surah Al-‘Araf: 31)

Jadi, haruslah anda mendownload perisian waktu solat (terbaru) yang secara automatik memaparkan waktu solat semasa. Saya telah semak di website Jakim, dan perbezaan waktu (bagi wilayah Kota Kinabalu dan kawasan-kawasan yang sewaktu dengannya) hanyalah dalam 1 minit. Tambahan pula, pada bulan puasa, dengan senang hati anda dapat berbuka dengan yakin (walaupun ada mengajar di ceruk pedalaman). Maka, dengan tiada ragu, beban turun lah sekarang!


KPKK11: Borang Soalan Keselamatan

The exact one.

Download HERE

SEM 8: Schedule












TSL641 (Computer Assisted Lang. Learning)

Mdm. Jenny Pang



TSL652 (Women in Literature)

Dr. Yeow Poh Wha


EDU646 (Current Issues in Edu.)

Mr. Chan Kok Wah


EDU630 (Professional Development)

Dr. Goh Lay Huah







TSL651 (Lit. for Children and Young Adults)

Mdm. Janet Moinin


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