22 March 2011

Mona Lisa Smile (2003) - Questions for Discussion

Pick ONE question for your tribe (First come first serve basis!). Each group has to answer this question: What is the significance of the title "Monalisa Smile" in relation to this movie? No need for powerpoint slides.
  1. Discuss the role(s) of women in the 1950s as portrayed in the movie. How are they different from the view of Katherine Watson?
  2. Katherine Watson's teachings were labeled as "unorthodox". Explain and cite examples from the movie.
  3. Betty is seen to have a tremendous reaction towards Joanie's application to study in Yale. Why? If you were Betty, would you have similar reaction?
  4. Katherine Watson was said to be "subversive". What is your understanding of this term?
  5. Betty's marriage to Spencer – do you think she was happy? Note her mother's refusal to let her stay with her. Why?
  6. The movie shows relationships of several characters. Were they acceptable in the society at that time? Why / not?

5 Response(s):

Ibrahim Ismail said...

Tagi, no. 2

k233 said...


shahrul said...

mogo-mogo no 5

N3_XieRRa said...

jaburu 3

Anonymous said...

saboga nombor 6

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